April 22 Bookswap this coming Wednesday despite general strike threat !!

Please make a special effort to come along to this month’s Bookswap (tomorrow) – with live blues (see below) – in spite of the general strike & disrupted public transport! Since it’s nice weather why not take your bike for a spin (I know some Bookswappers from Hoeilaart who like to do this on a fairly regular basis!), rent a Villo (there’s a Villo ‘park’ just outside the restaurant), share a car-ride with a friend, neighbour or colleague…or, if you live close by, simply come on foot! You won’t be disappointed & the terrace will be a good spot from which to enjoy the setting sun!

For those of you who missed our literary showcases in February & March tomorrow you’ll have an opportunity to purchase both Stephen Paul Thomas’ SF book “Cluster” (which I devoured with great excitement during the hols!) and/or Kat Miller’s first-ever cookery book “Delicious meals for 1.22 euros” (which has some low-cost mouth-watering recipes). Both authors will be attending the Bookswap as new ‘members‘ so you’ll have a chance to meet & chat with them!

Hope to see a good turn-out despite disruptions to the transport network – maybe we’ll have the pleasure of welcoming more locals than usual! In any event I cannot cancel the Bookswap…so I am relying on you to make it a fun evening!

And for music lovers, please note that Nigel Griffiths will be our guest musician, a professional pianist who embraces many styles from jazz to pop to classical. He plays everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Meade Lux Lewis and Elton John. At tomorrow’s Bookswap you’ll get a chance to hear him play some blues accompanied by the Canadian blues singer Debbie MacKenzie, whose influences range from Janis Joplin to Bonnie Raitt!Nigel Griffiths - Pianomoments Nigel Griffiths Debbie MacKenzie live


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