September 23 2015: Special edition of our monthly Bookswap with Croatian theme

As usual doors open as of 18h30 so that people can head down to the Club’s monthly venue straight after work, grab a table perhaps on the sunny terrace, have a bite to eat or drink & take an “early bird” look at the books on offer.
This month’s Bookswap will have a definite Croatian ‘feel” about it as we’ll be showcasing Katja Knežević’s first book of poetry, recently translated into English. In 2014 she received the “Young Poet Laureate” (Goran za mlade pjesnike) Award in Croatia where her book launch took place earlier this year.
In addition, a Croatian-born artist, now living in Brussels will be exhibiting a selection of water colours & a friend of the Club’s organiser has promised to sing a few songs in Croatian….

So don’t forget to bring along just a few books, DVDs and/or CDs in any language for adults or our younger readers to swap against others deposited that night at the Club or that you can find on our various bookshelves! The official Bookswap is until 20h30 but since this is a special themed evening you can browse till late as there’ll be a lot going on.
In principle we hope to hear some music from about 19h30-20h00 before a presentation by Katja Knežević of her poems in English & Croatian followed by questions from the floor…

If you intend to dine I would suggest you reserve a table as things might get busy!

See you on Wednesday!

karenKatja cv Ariana cv


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