January 2016 Bookswap special

The Club’s first Bookswap of 2016 will feature a Literary Showcase (first launched last year) with a new Belgian author, Françoise Knockaert, as special guest. Françoise will be presenting her début novel “Quand la solidarité change les couleurs de la vie. Du SEL sur le feu” – published last year. This is more than just an autobiography . It traces a journey of self-discovery, of change, of spiritual growth, greater awareness of the power of life fuelled by community spirit and the generosity of human beings, total strangers. It tells a tale of positive transformation sparked by a near catastrophic event (see FB page for more details.) Come and hear Françoise’s inspiring story!


As usual, the doors open as of 18h30 for our monthly exchange of books, DVDs, CDs and audio cassettes in a multitude of languages, for all ages and tastes. Early birds will have a chance to browse among our many books and check the “catch of the day” tables before grabbing a welcome drink or bite to eat at the friendly restaurant downstairs. The books will remain on display for those of you who cannot come early. Depending primarily on the weather, I hope to introduce Françoise somewhere between 19h30 and 20h00 and questions are more than welcome from the floor in French and English. Fingers crossed, we’ll also have the pleasure of hearing some live music and singing – so join me and make this a special evening to kick off another year of bookswapping in Brussels – the 6th in Boitsfort!


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