April 27th Bookswap

As usual doors open as of 18h30 for early birds who want to come along to the club straight after work, classes… The Bookswap officially ends at 20h30 but usually I am there till late to enjoy a nice meal downstairs with fellow bookworms. In view of my chemotherapy I will only make a brief appearance at this month’s Bookswap but have a team of friendly “Meeters & Greeters” (Rasma, Geraldine & Chrystel) ready to welcome you & explain the ropes. 

Please note that we exchange books in most literary genres (fiction, non-fiction, comic strips, sci-fi/fantasy, children’s books, dictionaries, coffee table books, poetry, plays…) in a wide range of languages (currently English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Greek, Portuguese, Croation, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, some Japanese, Chinese…) for ALL age groups. Likewise we swap DVDs for kids & adults, audio cassettes & CDs &, on occasion, also exchange games & puzzles