April 27th Bookswap

As usual doors open as of 18h30 for early birds who want to come along to the club straight after work, classes… The Bookswap officially ends at 20h30 but usually I am there till late to enjoy a nice meal downstairs with fellow bookworms. In view of my chemotherapy I will only make a brief appearance at this month’s Bookswap but have a team of friendly “Meeters & Greeters” (Rasma, Geraldine & Chrystel) ready to welcome you & explain the ropes. 

Please note that we exchange books in most literary genres (fiction, non-fiction, comic strips, sci-fi/fantasy, children’s books, dictionaries, coffee table books, poetry, plays…) in a wide range of languages (currently English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian, Greek, Portuguese, Croation, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, some Japanese, Chinese…) for ALL age groups. Likewise we swap DVDs for kids & adults, audio cassettes & CDs &, on occasion, also exchange games & puzzles



January 2016 Bookswap special

The Club’s first Bookswap of 2016 will feature a Literary Showcase (first launched last year) with a new Belgian author, Françoise Knockaert, as special guest. Françoise will be presenting her début novel “Quand la solidarité change les couleurs de la vie. Du SEL sur le feu” – published last year. This is more than just an autobiography . It traces a journey of self-discovery, of change, of spiritual growth, greater awareness of the power of life fuelled by community spirit and the generosity of human beings, total strangers. It tells a tale of positive transformation sparked by a near catastrophic event (see FB page for more details.) Come and hear Françoise’s inspiring story!


As usual, the doors open as of 18h30 for our monthly exchange of books, DVDs, CDs and audio cassettes in a multitude of languages, for all ages and tastes. Early birds will have a chance to browse among our many books and check the “catch of the day” tables before grabbing a welcome drink or bite to eat at the friendly restaurant downstairs. The books will remain on display for those of you who cannot come early. Depending primarily on the weather, I hope to introduce Françoise somewhere between 19h30 and 20h00 and questions are more than welcome from the floor in French and English. Fingers crossed, we’ll also have the pleasure of hearing some live music and singing – so join me and make this a special evening to kick off another year of bookswapping in Brussels – the 6th in Boitsfort!

October Bookswap & Literary Showcase

This month we are showcasing a Belgian author, Eric Brucher, from Brabant Wallon, who will be talking about his third novel “La blancheur des Etoiles”. This work of fiction was inspired by a TV report some time ago about a young girl who fell pregnant twice at a very young age, who was desperate enough to attempt suicide on several occasions but who luckily found the will to live, love & become a mother to her third child!  Eric, himself father of three children, tries to imagine what in the adolescent’s family background & entourage has pushed her so many times to the edge & through her eyes he describes what has saved her. A very poignant tale, a story about love, life and death – quite apposite as we approach the celebration of All Souls Day!

As usual the doors will open as of 18h30 for early-birds to come and reserve a place at the bar or restaurant after work. You will have ample time to browse amongst our many books, DVDs & CDS both before and after our meeting with Eric. Depending on traffic I hope to introduce our guest at about 19h30 – as usual you are cordially invited to join our large table on the first floor where you will be able to put questions to Eric – French will be the main language spoken!

Encore ce mois-ci le Club organise une « vitrine littéraire » – notre invité sera Eric Brucher, résident du Brabant wallon, qui nous parlera de son troisième roman, « La blancheur des Etoiles ». Cet oeuvre de pure fiction était inspiré par un bref témoignage d’une jeune fille lors d’une émission, il y a quelques années, sur le suicide parmi les jeunes. La jeune fille en question s’exprimait à mots rares, avec beaucoup de silences, fumant ses cigarettes. Il y avait en elle quelque chose de tellement poignant qui a bouleversé Eric et son témoignage lui est toujours resté en mémoire.  Elle doit avoir 18 ans lorsqu’elle s’exprime devant la caméra, elle raconte avoir tenté de suicider 3 fois … Elle dit un premier bébé, sa mère qui ‘le lui vole’, le Juge qui l’oblige à avorter d’un deuxième, et son désir de mourir… C’est extrêmement court et ténu en terme d’informations. En même temps, en arrière champ de la caméra, on voit un couffin…les indices qu’il y avait un nouveau bébé. Alors, avec ces désirs d’enfant, Eric (lui-même père de trois enfants) a imaginé qu’il y avait en cette jeune fille une telle force de vie, une telle envie de vivre – tellement forte qu’elle finit comme par se retourner contre elle-même dans un désir de mourir … » L’oeuvre d’Eric est fort touchante, une véritable histoire d’amour, qui traîte de la mort et de la vie…des thèmes qui se prêtent à l’approche de la fête des Morts, de la Toussaint…

Comme d’habitude le Cluberic brucher ouvre les portes à partir de 18h30 afin que les « arrive-tôt » peuvent prendre leur place au bar, réserver une table au resto juste après avoir quitté leur lieu de travail! Vous aurez tout le temps pour ‘chîner’ parmi nos livres, DVDs et CDs avant et après notre rencontre littéraire. En fonction de la circulation, j’espère introduire notre hôte vers 19h30 – vous êtes, comme toujours, invités à joindre notre table d’honneur au premier étage pour écouter et poser les questions à Eric…La soirée se déroulera principalement en français…mais les autres langues ne sont point exclues!

September 23 2015: Special edition of our monthly Bookswap with Croatian theme

As usual doors open as of 18h30 so that people can head down to the Club’s monthly venue straight after work, grab a table perhaps on the sunny terrace, have a bite to eat or drink & take an “early bird” look at the books on offer.
This month’s Bookswap will have a definite Croatian ‘feel” about it as we’ll be showcasing Katja Knežević’s first book of poetry, recently translated into English. In 2014 she received the “Young Poet Laureate” (Goran za mlade pjesnike) Award in Croatia where her book launch took place earlier this year.
In addition, a Croatian-born artist, now living in Brussels will be exhibiting a selection of water colours & a friend of the Club’s organiser has promised to sing a few songs in Croatian….

So don’t forget to bring along just a few books, DVDs and/or CDs in any language for adults or our younger readers to swap against others deposited that night at the Club or that you can find on our various bookshelves! The official Bookswap is until 20h30 but since this is a special themed evening you can browse till late as there’ll be a lot going on.
In principle we hope to hear some music from about 19h30-20h00 before a presentation by Katja Knežević of her poems in English & Croatian followed by questions from the floor…

If you intend to dine I would suggest you reserve a table as things might get busy!

See you on Wednesday!

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April 22 Bookswap this coming Wednesday despite general strike threat !!

Please make a special effort to come along to this month’s Bookswap (tomorrow) – with live blues (see below) – in spite of the general strike & disrupted public transport! Since it’s nice weather why not take your bike for a spin (I know some Bookswappers from Hoeilaart who like to do this on a fairly regular basis!), rent a Villo (there’s a Villo ‘park’ just outside the restaurant), share a car-ride with a friend, neighbour or colleague…or, if you live close by, simply come on foot! You won’t be disappointed & the terrace will be a good spot from which to enjoy the setting sun!

For those of you who missed our literary showcases in February & March tomorrow you’ll have an opportunity to purchase both Stephen Paul Thomas’ SF book “Cluster” (which I devoured with great excitement during the hols!) and/or Kat Miller’s first-ever cookery book “Delicious meals for 1.22 euros” (which has some low-cost mouth-watering recipes). Both authors will be attending the Bookswap as new ‘members‘ so you’ll have a chance to meet & chat with them!

Hope to see a good turn-out despite disruptions to the transport network – maybe we’ll have the pleasure of welcoming more locals than usual! In any event I cannot cancel the Bookswap…so I am relying on you to make it a fun evening!

And for music lovers, please note that Nigel Griffiths will be our guest musician, a professional pianist who embraces many styles from jazz to pop to classical. He plays everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to Meade Lux Lewis and Elton John. At tomorrow’s Bookswap you’ll get a chance to hear him play some blues accompanied by the Canadian blues singer Debbie MacKenzie, whose influences range from Janis Joplin to Bonnie Raitt!Nigel Griffiths - Pianomoments Nigel Griffiths Debbie MacKenzie live

Unique Sennibari belt on display at March Bookswap

I’ve istvan flyer English istvan flyer Hungarianreceived this flyer in English & Hungarian from our guest author at our March 25th Bookswap – if you look at his website you can find various teasers he has produced for his SF books in Hungarian in addition to a short film showing a ‘warrior of the future’ donning the ‘sennibari’ that features on the cover of “Cluster” – you will be able to see the original thousand stich belt produced by the author’s wife for the book & learn more about the concept behind the SF series of books available in Hungarian & soon to be available in English.

Next Bookswap on March 25 – meeting with Brussels-based Hungarian SF author, Stephen Paul Thomas & the ” eMeLet” band playing traditional Hungarian music

Following on from the success of last month’s meeting with Kat Miller, the March  Bookswap will be a “showcase” for Hungarian Science Fiction writer, Stephen Paul Thomas who will be presenting his first two SF books to have been published in English ‘Cluster’ & ‘Death in the Stars’ & eMeLet, a Brussels-based band of four musicians, who will be playing authentic traditional music from Hungary.  An evening definitely not to be missed! march trial-page-001eMeLeT Band 2013